Coming Soon List Summer 2024



Summer 2024




Andrews, Donna – Between a Flock and a Hard Place: Meg Langslow

Atkins, Ace – Don’t let the Devil Ride 

Balibrera, Gina Maria – The Volcano Daughters 

Bowen, Rhys – The Rose Arbor

Brennan, Allison – You’ll Never Find Me: Angelhart Investigations 

Brown, Hannah – Mistakes We Never Made 

Burke, James Lee – Clete: Dave Robicheaux 

Castillo, Linda – The Burning: Kate Burkholder 

Center, Katherine – The Rom-Commers 

Chambers, Essie – Swift River 

Chevalier, Tracy – The Glassmaker 

Childs, Laura – Peach Tea Smash: Tea Shop Mysteries

Condie, Ally – The Unwedding 

Connolly, John – The Instruments of Darkness: Charlie Parker

Constantine, Liv – The Next Mrs. Parrish 

Coulter, Catherine – Flashpoint: FBI 

Crichton, Michael & James Patterson – Eruption 

Dailey, Janet – Calder Country: Calder Brand 

Daré, Abi – And so I Roar

Dodd, Christina – A Daughter of Fair Verona: Daughter of a Montague

Evanovich, Janet – A King’s Ransom: Recovery Agent

Foley, Lucy – The Midnight Feast 

Fuentes, Marcela – Malas

Giffin, Emily – The Summer Pact 

Graham, Heather – Market for Murder: Blackbird Files 

Grant, Kimi Cunningham – The Nature of Disappearing 

Grossman, Lev – The Bright Sword 

Harkness, Deborah – Black Bird Oracle: All Souls

Hazelwood, Ali – Not in Love 

Higgins, Kristan – Look on the Bright Side 

Hilderbrand, Elin – Swan Song

Jackson, Lisa – Our Little Secret 

Jewel, Lisa – Breaking the Dark: Marvel Crime 

Johansen, Iris & Roy – Flashback: Kendra Michaels

Johnson, Craig – First Frost: Longmire

Jones, Stephen Graham – I was a Teenage Slasher 

Kellerman, Jonathan & Jesse – The Lost Coast: Clay Edison

Krueger, William Kent – Spirit Crossing: Cork O’Connor

Lapena, Shari – What Have You Done?

Lauren, Christina – The Paradise Problem 

Leon, Donna – A Refiner’s Fire: Commissario Guido Brunetti 

Lombardo, Claire – Same as it Ever was 

Mallery, Susan – For the Love of Summer 

McFadden, Freida – The Housemaid is Watching: Housemaid

McCall Smith, Alexander – The Conditions of Unconditional Love: Isabel Dalhousie

McPhillips Fiona – When We were Silent 

Michaels, Fern – Proof: Lost and Found

Moore, Liz – The God of the Woods 

Mosley, Walter – Farewell Amethystine: Easy Rawlins 

Patterson, James & J.D. Barker – Confessions of the Dead

          & Mike Lupica – Hard to Kill: Jane Smith

Pearse, Sarah – The Wilds: Detective Elin Warner 

Pekkanen, Sarah – House of Glass 

Phillips, Julia – Bear 

Picoult, Jodi – By any Other Name 

Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Angel of Vengeance: Pendergast

Quinn, Kate – The Briar Club 

Reichs, Kathy – Fire and Bones: Temperance Brennan

Robards, Karen – Some Murders in Berlin 

Robotham, Michael – Storm Child: Cyrus Haven 

Rosenfelt, David – Dog Day Afternoon: Andy Carpenter 

Rowel, Rainbow – Slow Dance 

Sager, Riley – Middle of the Night 

Shaffer, Meg – The Lost Story 

Shalvis, Jill – The Summer Escape: Sunrise Cove 

Silva, Daniel – A Death in Cornwall: Gabriel Allon 

Slaughter, Karin – This is Why we Lied 

Sloan, Robin – Moonbound 

Steel, Danielle – Resurrection 

          – Joy

Sue, Natalie – I Hope this Finds You Well 

Sullivan, J. Courtney – The Cliffs

Swanson, Peter – A Talent for Murder

Talty, Morgan – Fire Exit 

Thor, Brad – Shadow of Doubt: Scott Harvath

Toibin, Colm – Long Island 

Turton, Stuart – The Last Murder at the End of the World 

Whitaker, Chris – All the Colors of the Dark 

White, Kate – The Last Time She Saw Him 

White, Randy Wayne – One Deadly Eye: Doc Ford

Williams, Beatriz – Husbands & Lovers 

Wingate, Lisa – Shelterwood 

Winspear, Jacqueline – The Comfort of Ghosts: Maisie Dobbs 

Woods, Stuart and Brett Battles – Smolder: Stone Barrington 

Yoon, Nicola – One of our Kind 

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